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Our Mission is to insure that “Our Taxpayer Clients pay the lowest legal amount of Income Tax”. We are dedicated to your unique Tax preparation needs. Do not settle for less …….. Utilize our highly qualified Licensed Tax Professionals who are trained to take advantage of all the deductions and credits to which you are entitled.

All of our Tax and Accounting Work is backed by a “Money Back Guarantee”. We are a Family Owned Local Business dedicated to serving South Central Kentucky.

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Taxation WITH Representation. Do not let the Internal Revenue Service or the State of Kentucky get you down. Are you being Audited? Do you owe back taxes? Are you being threatened with Garnishment or Tax Liens? We can help. [Click to Learn More]

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Dave Ramsey selected Professional Tax Service as his Endorsed Local Provider because of our proven track record of helping the taxpayers of South Central Kentucky pay the lowest legal tax possible. Please check Dave out at daveramsey.com